Fertilizer Program - $175

1) Starts with core aeration

 Included as a free benefit is core aeration which compliments the fertilizer by allowing nutrients to more easily reach soil and roots. 

2) Pre-Emergent + Fertilizer

 Pre-emergent + Fertilizer is applied in mid Spring to give your lawn its first dose of nutrients following aeration and also to catch any weeds before they emerge.  This is a pellet-type fertilizer specifically chosen and proved out by Metro Lawn Care Solutions. 

3) Balanced Nutrients

 Third step is a balanced pellet mix of 19/19/19 in mid May.  

4) Greening & Growth

 Last application is a greening & growth mix of 2 pellet fertilizers and a high iron concentrated liquid spray.   This sets the lawn up for the entire summer as the nutrients are a mix of fast and slow release forms, lasting 12 weeks in the soil.