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Lawn health is determined at the root level and by the soil

Quality of mowing


Mowing is cosmetic maintenance for your lawn.  It doesn't improve the overall health of your lawn.  Mowing can adversely affect lawn health if dense clumps of dead grass are left or dull blades are used which stresses and pulls at roots instead of cutting the grass blades. 

Excess thatch


An excess buildup of leaves and dead grass can impact the ability of sunlight, water, and nutrients to reach the soil and roots.  For example, you'll notice this quickly if a dense clump of dead grass is left somewhere....the previously healthy grass will quickly deteriorate due to lack of sunlight reaching the roots and soil beneath.

Excess foot traffic


Excess foot traffic on your lawn can compress the soil over time  making it more difficult for nutrients and water absorption.  Aeration may be suggested in this case. 

Topsoil Quality


The new home construction process can typically strip away the top layer of high quality topsoil and bring up the substandard subsoil.  Unless quality topsoil was spread before laying new sod, this can make it more difficult to maintain a healthy lawn.   



Of course watering is important to maintain moist topsoil and health of lawn.  Watering is recommended at least 3x/wk before 6am during the high solar period from late June through early Sept.    Leaving the grass cut longer will help protect the soil to some degree, but without water the soil will quickly dry up and grass go dormant. 



Slow-release fertilizer (pellets) applied 4 to 5 times during the season can ensure a steady flow of nutrients to the soil and contribute to lawn health. 

Lawn Care



Use of high quality zero-turn riding commercial mowers and walk-behind commercial mowers for both residential and commercial customers.

Mowing Quality


Mower blades are sharpened every couple days to ensure a clean, quality cut as opposed to tearing the grass when blades are dulled which can lead to undue added stress on lawn.  



Lawn care service includes trimming around inside objects (trees, landscape areas, mailboxes, etc) as well as touching up the perimeter of the lawn area.  



Edge maintenance is performed and included with mowing.  



Lastly, clean-up/blowing is part of the mowing process....

Pricing and Terms


Seasonal Service Agreement Req'd.   Pricing based on lawn area and amount of trimming, edging.