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Prices for lawn care and snow removal will remain unchanged unless gasoline prices reach $4.00/gallon, at which time prices will change $1-$2 for service.

Lawn Care


Use of high quality zero-turn riding commercial mowers and walk-behind commercial mowers for both residential and commercial customers.

Mowing Quality

Mower blades are sharpened every couple days to ensure a clean, quality cut as opposed to tearing the grass when blades are dulled which can lead to undue added stress on lawn.  Use Oregon flat blades exclusively.


Lawn care service includes trimming around inside objects (trees, landscape areas, mailboxes, etc) as well as touching up the perimeter of the lawn area.  

Lawn Mowing Service, Lawn Care Company. 


Edge maintenance is performed and included with mowing.  


Lastly, clean-up/blowing is part of the mowing process....


Please see pricing in the menu at top of page.

Bagged clippings extra.

Fertilizer Program

1) Pre-Emergent + Fertilizer

 Pre-emergent + Fertilizer is applied in late April to give your lawn its first dose of nutrients following aeration and also to catch any weeds before they emerge.  This is a pellet-type fertilizer specifically chosen and proved out by Metro Lawn Care Solutions. 

2) Greening & Growth

Greening & growth mix of 2 pellet fertilizers and a high iron concentrated liquid spray.   This sets the lawn up for the entire summer as the nutrients are a mix of fast and slow release forms, lasting 12 weeks in the soil.   Applied in mid June.

3) Balanced Nutrients

 Third step is a balanced pellet mix of 19/19/19 in August.


Landscape Mulching

Mulching landscaped areas and trees not only provides for an improved cosmetic appearance, but also prevents weed growth and preserves soil moisture to promote bush/tree health.

Walnut Mulch

Walnut is a dark brown mulch and can almost appear black when wet.

Black Mulch

Cedar Mulch

Recent Walnut Mulch Job, Shelby Twp.

Entire perimeter of house mulched with Walnut color mulch, including landscaped area in front.

Topsoil & Mulch Borders

Topsoil Pricing

 For building up landscaped areas or before planting bushes or laying mulch, you may choose to lay additional topsoil down.  

Mulch Border Stones

6" x 9" Countryside Ashland stone.  Selected because it makes an excellent cosmetic appearance and good contrast with mulch and lawn...used around mulched flower beds and other landscaped areas to prevent mulch flyoff. 

Re-Seeding & Over-Seeding


Re-seeding is available for large dead spots in the lawn or new areas.  Typically use a blended mix of Ryegrass, Kentucky Blue Grass, and Fescue at a mixture ratio of 33% each. 

Re-seeding - Cont.

Topsoil is spread on the area(s) to be re-seeded.

Re-seeding - Cont.

Seeds are then raked into the topsoil at a depth of approximately 1/8 inch.  

Watering daily for at least 20 minutes is required for 2-3 weeks to ensure adequate seed germination. 


Used to create a more dense lawn structure.  Starts with core aeration. 

Over-Seeding - Cont.

Blended seed mixture is then spread across the entire lawn area using a spreader.   Topsoil is not used for this process. 

Over-Seeding - Cont.

Water daily for 2-3 weeks after over-seeding to ensure adequate seed germination.