Commercial Snow Removal

Truck Plow

8 foot Fisher straight blade snow plow used to clear commercial lots.  

Rock Salt

Rock salt spread through the use of a rear hopper after lot clearing, if requested. (additional cost). 

Timing & Pricing

Commercial lots are cleared within 8 hours of stop of snowfall.   Pricing per quote.  Contract Only. 

Residential Snow Removal


Snow plow used to clear driveways.  Snow dragged and placed out of way of drive paths. 

Sidewalks and Walkways

Walk-behind blowers used to clear sidewalks and other walkways.

Timing & Price

$380 for seasonal service, unlimited snowfalls.  1.5" or more of accumulation.    Paid in 2 installments of $190 on 11/15 and 1/15.   Contract only.  Cleared within 12 hours of snowfall stop.