Services Available



Standard mowing, trimming, edging, clean-up.  Residential and Commercial.


       Pre-emergent weed control + nutrients

       Pre-emergent weed control agent + balanced fertilizer

       Provides week control for Spring and

       initial nutrients for the season.

       Nutrient BLAST (Thickness, Growth, & Greening)

       Nitrogen & Iron

       Mix of 2 pellet fertilizers specifically 

       tested and proved out over time by Metro Lawn Care Solutions to provide high nitrogen and high iron        content to the soil.  A liquid iron spray is also provided after the pellets are applied. Provides thickness,        growth, and deep greening.  Nutrients last 8-10 weeks in the soil due to slow-release nutrient pellets.

       Post-Emergent Weed Control + Nutrients

       Weed control for summer with balanced nutrient fertilizer.   Pellet-type application. 

      -->  Fertilizer program is 3 applications per season, $150 total.  Each application is pellet-type and lasts 8-10              weeks in the soil. 

Monthly Pesticide

A diluted pesticide spray is applied on a monthly basis to rid the lawn and root of any potentially harmful species that may impact the health of the lawn.  Safe for pets once it's dry (1-2 hours after application).   Effects last for 30-35 days after application.  


Cedar, Walnut, Cherry, Double-Shredded, Black, Red, etc.  (See Mulch Section for more detail)


Aeration available which improves oxygenation of roots, allows nutrients, moisture, and light to more easily reach roots also.  Promotes new root growth in 6-8 weeks after performed.    See aeration section for more detail. 


Dethatch or power raking removes dead grass from lower level of surface.  Thatch build-up from clippings, naturally dying grass, etc. inhibits light, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the roots/soil to some extent.  Reducing the thatch layer promotes overall root health.   

Services Cont.


Bush Trimming

Bush trimming readily available.  Bushes are trimmed, clippings are blown and then bagged and disposed of. 

Snow Removal


Commercial snow removal is available.  Performed within 8 hours of stop of snowfall. Removal performed using a 8' heavy duty truck plow.   Bulk salting available at additional cost.  Currently perform plow services for apartment complexes, banks, parking lots, small businesses, and churches in Rochester Hills, Romeo, Shelby Twp, Sterling Heights, and Troy.   Invoiced monthly, payment required within 10 days of invoice (Payment terms net 10).